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Directory Monitor, watchDirectory, automatically start command when folder contents change.

Our Products

watchDirectory - Monitor directories for changes version 4.0 just released!

Start any application when the directory contents that watchDirectory is monitoring changes. Whenever a file or folder is added, deleted or changed in the monitored directory, your .bat file will be launched by watchDirectory. This .bat file will receive all the details about the change that caused it to be called. >>>

imgThumb - Create thumbnails and HTML on the commandline

The imgThumb thumbnail creator program makes smaller sized thumbnails of your original pictures. It allows you to specify the width or height in pixels. By making thumbnails you reduce the size from megabytes to kilobytes!! ImgThumb creates thumbnails for entire trees of directories and can even create HTML pages containing the generated thumbnails for you. >>>

Latest News

watchDirectory 4.0 released!

About GdP Software

GdP Software is a young Dutch firm employing veterans of the IT industry. Our goal is to build useful software at low prices. We are a small, dedicated team that has fun writing software that can actually be used! Each member of our development team lives by the slogan:

"From irritation to innovation!"

We get annoyed how something works (irritation) and set out to build a solution (innovation).

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