Thumbnail program - Thumbnails from your pictures with imgThumb

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Quick Facts about imgThumb
Current version1.5.4
PriceFree for personal use
Download size~ 1.4 MB
European download location
This product is not for sale anymore,
our other program, watchDirectory, has a picture plugin
you may find interesting.
Make thumbnail from any picture. Create HTML pages of all your pictures.
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The imgThumb thumbnail creator program makes smaller sized thumbnails of your original pictures. It allows you to specify the width or height in pixels. By making thumbnails you reduce the size from megabytes to kilobytes!!

ImgThumb creates thumbnails for entire trees of directories and can even create HTML pages containing the generated thumbnails.
imgThumb comes with six different templates to build HTML pages for you. See some example output:

Strengths of imgThumb thumbnail creator over other programs with this functionality:

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